Hotel Manali - Malad East, Mumbai

#74, Manchubhai Road, Malad East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400097
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Hotel Manali - Malad East, Mumbai

Our Hotel Manali is located close to the Malad Station in Mumbai. We believe in a comfortable accommodation and quality services under the same roof. Several facilities like free Wi-Fi, breakfast, room services and much more greet you at our beautiful hotel.

We offer the guests four categories of gorgeous rooms - The Deluxe Rooms A/C, The Deluxe Rooms Non-A/C Rooms, The Standard Rooms and The Standard Non-A/C Rooms. These rooms come with fabulous interiors which create a marvelous ambiance for your stay. The rooms are also well-appointed with major amenities which take care of your conveniences. Comfortable and cozy rooms await you here for a remarkable and memorable stay. Also present is a beautiful and spacious Banquet Hall which can be used for both business as well as party purposes. 

Guests kindly note that bookings made using local ID's will not be accepted, without a wedding invitation card.

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Mumbai - A City Of Dreamers

Currently, Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in India, possessing a perfect combination of both the urban and the rich history. Mumbai is subsequently called the city of dreams. Mumbai experiences many tourists visiting throughout the year, to visit its beaches, hills, monuments and also the happening nightlife and glitzy glamour filled lifestyle.

The city with its local national and international institutions boasts of its work culture. Mumbai compares to the best anywhere in the world. No resident or visitor is disgruntled. Mumbai invites you to savor the culture, the festivals, the food, the monsoon even as you go about the business you are here for.

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